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Micro Fiber Cloth


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Micro Fiber Clothes

Introducing our premium microfiber cloth – the perfect cleaning companion for a spotless shine. This precisely crafted cloth using advanced microfiber technology is designed to remove dirt and stains with ease.
Dustgo Micro Fiber Clothes

Key benefits of micro fiber clothes

1.Provides an instant shine to surfaces and enhancing their appearance.
2 SUPER ABSORBENT, LINT SCRATCH FREE Multipurpose cloths ultra-absorbent and can absorb fluids quickly and efficiently.
3. Made of high-quality microfiber material, the fiber is strong durable but soft and won’t scratch or leave lint on your silverware, plates, pots, or pans.
4.Multi-Purpose: Our vehicle cloth cleans the exterior and interior of cars, two-wheeler bike seats without chemicals. Dry towels to remove dust, kitchen mirrors, platform tops, dish utensils, floor mirrors, LED TVs, face office electronics, DSLR camera lenses, optical glasses, mobile phone accessories screens.


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